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Tournament Registration

2018 Tournament of Bells
Presenting the 2nd annual Tournament of Bells, co-hosted by Bell, Book, & Comic. FREE TO ENTER!  We even provide the cards so you don't need your own deck! New to Galatune? Stop by the day before the tourney for our Demo Night at Bell, Book, & Comic Friday May 11th 6pm -we'll get you tournament-ready! 

Bell, Book, & Comic

458 Patterson Rd, Dayton, OH 45419.


Saturday, May 12th.
Tourney starts at 1pm and should end no later than 6pm.


Event Page 

Advanced Tournament Rules & Combos


1st Place:
-exclusive Champions Game Mat

-$100 cash

-official feature on Galatune Hall of Fame

-$20 cash to each player who makes the finals


Standard Brawl: Each table is a free-for-all battle between 3 or more opponents. First player to 3 VP wins the battle.

Tourney Standard Deck: Includes all standard and expansion characters, and 2 copies of all Dawn of Borrowed Light starter deck cards -except for the following banned cards:

-004 Lucky Day: instant VP gain
-005 Grand Reaper: instant KO
-007 Jealousy: instant VP gain
-020 Comet Rain: high-damage field attack

-042 Starcalibur*: still in deck, but will ignore Eron combo 
-057 Ultimate Darkness: easy infinity attack
-058 Chords of Darkheart: easy field KOs
-066 Tidal Wave: high-damage field attack
-075 Robo-Army Onslaught: high-damage field attack


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Thanks for registering! Space is limited, so if you can't make it please notify

Playing Galatune

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Exclusive Champions Game Mat
Presenting the ultra-exclusive Champions Game Mat! The ONLY way to get one of these bad boys is to earn 1st place in an official Galatune tournament! This prize is your ultimate badge of honor! When you play with one of these, everyone will know that you are among the best of the best! 

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