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Join the Battle for Lyra!

2-5+ Players

20+ min gameplay

Ages 14+


Watch How-to-Play Video

Watch Gameplay Video

Download Updated Rule Book

Download Print & Play Mat


Check out our Event Schedule for your chance to play the game with us!

I’m Adam, this is Galatune, a battle card game that I started building for my friends at age 10. It's neato burrito, please check it out and help our small independent gaming community grow!


Choose your Champion and jump into free-for-all card brawls where everyone attacks simultaneously and players respawn like in a videogame. Earn Victory Points by defeating opponents, respawn, and stay in the fight until the final victory point is won.


Simple enough mechanics for casual players and families new to tabletop, and yet rich enough strategy to challenge serious gamers.

Eron Roarsonbeard Galatune
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