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Uncover Ancient Mysteries

Galatune: Dawn of Borrowed Light comic book series is currently in development. Adam Wik, the creator behind the Galatune card game, will also be the author for the comic book series.


Dive into an immersive anime science-fiction adventure with the whimsical charm of a cosmic fairytale. What begins as a classic tale about a young boy on a journey to rescue the princess soon becomes an emotional story exploring the cost of freedom and the paradox of peace. 


Set against the backdrop of Planet Lyra, the ruling class of Lyrics (think of them as space elves) maintain a United World Government through the monopoly of highly-advanced ancient technologies. Its a fun mashup of fantasy themes in a world where swords and magic clash with ancient robots and ray guns. Although the United World Government ensures peace and prosperity for its citizens, it's a gilded utopia wrought with social inequality and prejudice. 

Can't wait for the comic? You can explore the story now as it develops on our wikia. 


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Galatune Comic Book
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