Fan-Inspired Characters!

Join G3 and help fund
New Fan Characters!


The first 10 people to join the Galatune Gamers Guild (G3) with a one-time gift of $300 will be transformed into new playable characters in our free Galatune App. Awesome right? With your help, each month we'll design a new official character, inspired by you, and publish it as FREE digital release on our app. 

To qualify, you must be 18 years or older, or have the permission of a parent or guardian. Only 1 entry per person, per year.  After submitting your gift, you will be contacted by the game creator to share ideas for inspiring our new character. Your concept will be used as inspiration for a Galatune original character. Please note, your original concepts will not be published, but will inspire a Galatune original character. Galatune retains all rights to Galatune original works. You will not be granted authorship credit to the Galatune original character. Any information or media submitted to Galatune through this process may be used by Galatune for development, sales, and promotional purposes.


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