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Advanced Rulings

This section is for those of you ready to take the leap into competitive play. You'll find a few advanced rules below that are honored during all official Galatune Tournaments, and a listing of specific card conflict resolutions.  Of course outside of tournaments we encourage every player to have fun and form their own interpretation of the game. However this section will be law for competitive play.  These rulings are subject to debate and may change over time as competitive play evolves. If you have any advanced gameplay questions, or would like to contribute to this section, please message

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Advanced Rules  

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Tournament Rules:

Tournament Conduct: 
Galatune tournaments are competitive, family-friendly events for all ages. Players are expected to avoid foul language and to treat one another with love and respect. Anyone who violates this conduct will first receive a warning from a Tournament Judge. After the first warning, a 2nd offense may result in the player being kicked from the tournament, disqualified for tournament prizes, ineligible for refunds and damages, and may also be banned from future tournaments.

Turn Timer Rule:
Players will have a maximum of 90 seconds to ready each hand, and up to 90 seconds to choose cards when defeating an opponent. If the player fails to make their selection before the timer ends, then the Judge may choose to push the game forward and your character will be immobilized for the turn. If you fail to choose prize cards within 1 minute, you will be forced to draw from the center deck.

Tabletalk & Secret Information:
Players are permitted to share secret information (or misinformation) with each other in any way, including but not limited to: passing notes, whispering, texting, etc. However, be mindful of the Turn Timer rule and use your time coordinating strategies wisely. Players may NOT share information with other people who are outside of the battle, including but not limited to: giving game advice or peeking at other player's cards without consent. Any player caught talking to or communicating with people outside of the battle during a match may be first issued a warning or kicked from the tournament and banned from future tournaments for repeat offenses.

Self Destruct Limits:

Self Destruct has additional costs and limitations during official tournaments. The first Self Destruct costs -1VP, and then each subsequent Self Destruct will increase in cost. Ex, 1st is -1VP, 2nd is -2VP, 3rd is -3VP, etc. In a tournament, a player can have a negative VP score, however any player who who reaches a total VP score of -2VP will take an automatic loss at the table and exit the battlefield. 

Sudden Death Mode:

In tournament formats where time is limited, tournament judges may announce Sudden Death Mode. During Sudden Death Mode, all Life actions stop working and all Attacks gain a x2 damage bonus. Players will receive a timed warning to prepare for an upcoming Sudden Death Mode.  

SUPER Sudden Death Mode:

When intense ties continue even through Sudden Death Mode, tournament judges may move players from Sudden Death to SUPER Sudden Death. In SUPER Sudden Death Mode, all Life and Trap actions stop working, and all Attacks gain a x3 damage bonus. Also, in SSD, only 1 player can earn a Victory Point per turn. In the event of multiple-KOs, only the player with the greatest damage output will claim the VP score. In the event that multiple players tie in KO and damage output, all players will fail to claim the VP and the battle will continue until the tie is broken. 

Calling Coin Flips:

If a situation occurs where players must flip a coin to determine a ruling, and the coin flip is not already stated by card effects, the player with the lowest VP will be granted the right to call the coin flip first if desired. In the case that VP is tied, then the player with the lowest HP will get to call the coin flip. If VP and HP is tied, then the tournament Judge will determine the coin flip. 

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