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Chords of Darkheart #058
Dark. Energy. Shield. ?.

"Distributes all damage on this turn equally between all champions."

Chords of Darkheart Damage

To calculate the damage inflicted by Chords of Darkheart (COD), first calculate all other actions on this turn, including all modifiers and multipliers. Then, total that net damage and then divide by the number of players (including the user). If uneven, round this damage number up to the nearest whole number. COD then inflicts that number of damage to all players. This damage counts as Dark Energy harm inflicted by the user of COD. Therefore, if a player falls from this damage, the user scores VP. Typically, no other harm can occur on this turn, as it is blocked and distributed by COD. Instant and Penetrates effect cards are the exception, such as Grand Reaper which would penetrate COD and succeed. 

Chords of Darkheart Modifiers

Damage modifiers can be applied to Chords of Darkheart (COD). If COD is calculated to have a base power of 3, then that darkness damage would inflict 3x2 or 6 damage against light players. Likewise, if a boost of +4 were applied to a COD base 3, then COD would inflict 3+4 or 7 dark damage to all players.

Curse of Chronos #098

"Lux may choose to play an action card from his discard pile. If he does, that card is destroyed after use."

Lux banned 1-turn clone trapping

As "Curse of Chronos" is stated, Lux may choose to replay cards from his discard pile. Some players have wondered if that means Lux could activate the same trap twice during the same trap phase, effectively cloning trap cards. However, cards played do not move into the discard pile until AFTER a trap phase is fully resolved. Since an active trap is not yet placed into the discard pile, an active trap would NOT be eligible to be replayed with Curse of Chronos within the same trap phase that it is activated. 

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