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Distortion Aura #109

"King is unaffected by all effects of energy actions, except for damage."

King is completely unaffected by non-damaging energy-based actions, and therefore cannot be healed by life-energy, nor protected by shield-energy, nor boosted by boost-energy. Most energy traps do still take effect, depending on their direct target. An energy trap that targets King directly (Sacred Chord) will fail, however a trap indirectly played towards King, aiming at action cards played by King, will still take effect. 

Fate Bound
Since King ignores the effects of this energy action, he ignores the full effects of the card, including all card text. Therefore, King cannot enter into a Fate Bound. He cannot be Fate Bound, nor may he Fate Bound an opponent. 

The effects of Halofire would normally prevent a target from falling. King ignores this effect and is the only Champion who can fall from Halofire. 

Judgement auto-targets all opponents with VP. However, this is a card-stated effect. Therefore, Judgement cannot auto-target King. King can still be harmed by Judgement. An opponent may play Judgement directly onto King, since King ignores the judgement effects. In this case, Judgement would ONLY harm King. Also, Judgement may directly target King regardless of King's VP score, making King the only Champion who can be hit by Judgement with 0VP. 

Mal Profusion
Ordinarily, the effects of Mal Profusion would place the card into the target's hand. However, since King ignore card effects, a Mal Profusion aimed at Kings would be placed into the user's used pile. Also note that since King is Dark, Mal Profusion would fail to inflict harm. 

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