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Fate Bound #023
Mystic. Energy. Other. 0.

"User and target opponent become unable to harm each other until the user falls. If there is only one opponent on the field, both the user and the target opponent instantly fall."

Fate Bound is NOT Harm

This is a highly debated decision, but for now the effects of Fate Bound will not count as "harm". Therefore, mystic champions CAN be fate bound, and shields do not block the effects of fate bound. However, Fate Bound WILL count as harm for 1v1 games. 

Fate Bound 1v1 Double-KO

This applies to a 1v1 match only. If the user of Fate Bound (player 1) is KOed by player 2 by another card during the same turn that Fate Bound is played, both players fall. Fatebound causes both players to fall and earns a victory point for the user against player two. Player one cannot self score for falling from Fate Bound. Player 2 earns a victory point for contributing damage to player 1 as player 1 falls. Therefore, end result is that both player 1 and player 2 should each earn 1 victory point. If player 2 had failed to contribute damage during the double KO, then only the user of Fate Bound would score. 

Rival Ray > Fate Bound Combo

This is a devastating, legal combo, where an opponent becomes unable to harm any player. First, player 1 must play Rival Ray against player 2. Next, without falling, player 1 must then play Fate Bound against player 2. Rival Ray forces player 2 to only harm player 1, but Fate Bound then prevents player 2 from harming player 1. Player 2 is therefore unable to harm any player, until player 1 falls and the effects of this combo are removed. NOTE playing Fate Bound and then Rival Ray does NOT yield this same combo, as Fate Bound would prevent the harmful effects of Rival Ray.

Frostenba #067
Nature. Normal. Attack. 0.

"If the target's current HP is greater than or equal to the HP stated on its champion card, then that target's action(s) are canceled on this turn."

Frostenba > Shield

If the target is playing a shield or some other defensive action that would block frostenba, the target's HP is key to determining priority. If the target's hp is full (or greater), then Frostenba cancels that defensive action and damages the target. This follows the logic that the shield could have only been successful if frostenba is assumed failed. If the target's hp is not full, then frostenba's effect would not occur and damage would proceed to calculate regularly. 

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