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Quantum Vortex #052
Mystic. Energy. Attack. ?.

"Targets all players. Penetrates shields. Before calculating any other harm on this turn, this attack divides every player's HP in half."

Quantum Vortex Damage

Quantum Vortex affects all players, including the user. Damage is always rounded up, so a player with HP:9 would receive 5 damage and have HP:4 remaining. Mystic Champions are immune to harm from this Mystic attack. 


Quantum Vortex Multipliers
Quantum Vortex states that it specifically "divides every player's HP in half". Since this half-damage is specified and the rating is unknown (?), this card's power cannot be altered. It does not inflict x2 damage against Tech, and booster rating modifiers have no effect. Quantum Vortex's power output is fixed. 

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