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Super Showstopper #121

Light. Energy. Attack 1."If the target attempted to play a non-attack action on this turn, that action fails. "

Yummy Mufen Showstopper

If Tess plays Super Showstopper against a Light Champion who is playing Yummy Mufen, Super Showstopper fails and Yummy Mufen succeeds.  As a Light Champion, the target is protected against all harm from Super Showstopper. Although Yummy Mufen would change the target from Light to Dark, this effect can only occur if Yummy Muffen is not prevented.  If it were prevented, that is, if Super Showstopper was ruled to succeed, then the type shift to Dark would have never occurred. If the type shift does not occur, then Super Showstopper could not effect due to the Light vs Light typing.  Therefore, Super Showstopper is  officially ruled to fail in this situation. 

Love Showstopper

Super Showstopper is able to cancel Love. Although the stated effects of Love would prevent all harm from attacks, Super Showstopper initializes when the target "attempts" to play Love, therefore, Love is canceled and all of it's stated effects are ignored. This logic holds true for all shields against Super Showstopper.

Peace Showstopper

Super Showstopper is able to cancel Peace. Similar logic to Love Showstopper. Showstopper is able to prevent the target from playing the intended non-attack action, and so Peace would be canceled. 

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