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Temporal Pocket Watch #114
Tech. Energy. Trap. 0.

"Once per turn, Sofie may choose to activate this trap. If she does, she must flip a coin. If tails, this trap fails to do anything. If heads, this action traps one of sofie's other actions and allows her to replace that action with another card from her hand."

Position Lock

Once Sofie has taken her action phase turn and placed her AC onto a target, this position will remain locked for the effects of Temporal Pocket Watch. In other words, when Sofie uses this trap to replace that action, she must replace that action onto the same target as originally determined by her action phase. For example, if Sofie trapped a shield placed on herself, she cannot replace that shield with an attack onto the opponent, nor can she replace this shield with an attack on herself as self-attack is prohibited. As another example, if Sofie were to replace an attack on Opponent A, she cannot change the target position to instead attack Opponent B, however she is permitted to exchange the attack on Opponent A with a different attack onto Opponent A. 

Theft #016
Dark. Normal. Attack. 1.

"Instantly cancels all of the target's active AC and places them into the user's hand."

Theft Instant Priority

Instant actions like theft take place before all other non-instant effect cards. Therefore, theft is able to cancel and steal most cards, including Love and Grand Reaper. Love is an infinity shield, but is out-ranked by Theft's  instant effect, which activates before the shield's effects can activate. Grand Reaper and Theft both have instant effects, therefore theft breaks the priority tie with it's rating (1>0). 

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