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Join the Guild & Grow with Us!

Love what we do? Want to help us keep growing? Join the Galatune Gamers Guild (G3)*.

A Better Way to Crowdfund
We got our start on Kickstarter, but now we dare to be different. Kickstarter, Patreon, and other crowdfunding sites come with lots of strings attached like: service fees, uncertain funding, expensive advertising. By joining G3, your monthly gift* goes directly towards helping us grow. Ongoing updates let you see exactly what you're helping us with, and you can adjust or cancel your contribution at any time. 

Help us meet monthly goals like:

  • New Action Cards

  • New Character Cards

  • New Game Mats

  • New Stickers & Pins

  • New Game Accessories

Your gift helps us pay for:

  • Making new products

  • Shipping rewards

  • Supporting our indie artists

  • Booking Cons & community events


Everyone who gives at any monthly or one-time gift levels will get an exclusive invite to our private Facebook discussion group. Be the first to see behind-the-scenes game development and even join in conversations with the game creator as we shape future projects together!

Give $10 a month or more to earn special rewards as our thanks for your contribution, with better and better rewards as we grow! Or, give at the $5 or $1 level if you don't need physical rewards but still want to help us meet our goals. 

Rules & Terms:


Founding members who joined before 4/18/2019 are invited to stay in our private group for free, but only those who give at the $10 level or above will be eligible to receive rewards. All monthly and one-time gift levels of $1 or more will be eligible to join our private discussion group, but only those who give at the $10 level or more will be eligible to receive rewards. Those who make a one-time gift will qualify for any monthly rewards for the month that the one-time gift is received, in addition to any other posted one-time goal rewards.

*G3 gifts are used to help develop Galatune, LLC, an independent, for-profit business. G3 gifts are NOT tax-deductible donations and do NOT support non-profit groups or charities. G3 gifts are NOT sales in exchange for goods or services. G3 rewards are gifts in-kind to our supporters and are not guaranteed. Sorry, G3 rewards are only available for US shipping. Any pledges made outside of the US will be refunded. To adjust or cancel your G3 pledge, please email

**Fan Character Rules: The first 10 people to join G3 with a one-time gift of $300 will be transformed into new playable characters in our free Galatune App. Galatune will release one of these fan-inspired characters and publish it as FREE digital release on our app, continuing until all 10 sponsored fan characters have been completed. To qualify, you must be 18 years or older, or have the permission of a parent or guardian. Only 1 entry per person, per year.  After submitting your gift, you will be contacted by the game creator to share ideas for inspiring our new Galatune character. Your concept will be used as inspiration for a Galatune character.  Galatune retains all rights to this Galatune character and any derivative works. You will not be granted authorship credit to the Galatune character. Any information or media submitted to Galatune through this process may be used by Galatune for creating original and derivative works for sale by Galatune, and for promotional purposes. By participating, you waive any and all rights to any information or media submitted to Galatune through this process..

CURRENT GOAL: $500 for Collectors Mufen Coin
If we can raise $500, we'll create new limited-edition collectors die-cast Galatune coin, featuring a cute chubby lil mufen head for heads and his adorable lil booty for tails


$500 for Deluxe Gem Bag.

Join at $10 or more to help us reach this goal and earn
your reward!


The first 10 people to make a one-time gift* of $300 will each help sponsor a new fan character! Work one-on-one with the game designer to help inspire a new Galatune character. Each month, we'll release a new fan character on the Galatune App. By participating, you agree to our Fan Character Rules**, please read and accept these terms to qualify. Making a one-time gift will also qualify you for any currently completed rewards for the month that your one-time gift is received. SOLD OUT!!

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