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2019 Kabo Tournament de Lux

Kabo represents a sort of birthplace for Galatune. Kabo was home to our first ever tournament, and Kabo rests at the heart of our Dayton hometown fanbase. It's our honor to return again this year, to premier a bunch of awesome new Galatune stuff, including our first official themed tournament: tournament de Lux.

Why Lux? Well, because the man behind the green pumpkin (kabocha whatever), is a big Lux fan, and because this will be fun and ridiculous.

For this tourney, Lux will be the only playable character and we’ll have a special deck designed to highlight his time-traveling action-spamming shenanigans. As always, we'll provide the tourney decks. Expect the full deck list and more info soon.

Beyond the Galatune Tourney, Kabo offers an entire day of anime party dedicated to raising support for Dayton Childrens Hospital. Learn more about Kabo.

Kabo 2019
D20: A Bar with Characters

2144 East Whipp Rd, Kettering, OH 45440

Saturday, Oct. 5th.
Tourney starts at 1pm and should end no later than 4pm.


1st Place:
-exclusive Champions Game Mat

-surprise gift tba

-$100 cash

-official feature on Galatune Hall of Fame


-surprise gift tba


Standard Brawl: Each table is a free-for-all battle between 3 or more opponents. First player to 3 VP wins the battle.

de Lux Brawl Deck: Lux is the only playable character. Special action deck designed for Lux, full deck to be announced soon.



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Thanks for registering! Space is limited, so if you can't make it please notify

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Exclusive Champions Game Mat
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