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Ohayocon 2020

Ohayocon 2020

Galatune Events

Free Demos
Friday 2pm-9pm

Saturday 11am-10pm

Sunday 11am-4pm

Stop by our booth in the Indie Gaming Showcase to learn how to play Galatune, or to just hang and game with other Galatune players. We've also got games and merch for sale, including the premiere of our new Convergence Expansion. You can pickup your online preorders. Earn a free copy of our special Ohayocon promo card "Winter Cure" when you demo with us at Ohayocon. Be sure to also vote for Galatune in your Indie Gaming Showcase passport -help us to win an award and you just might win something too!


Celebrity Demo & Card Signing

Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm

To celebrate the release of our new Convergence Expansion, we'll be hosting a special Celebrity Demo, where representatives from each of our new crossover characters will participate in this showcase battle. Stop by to watch and cheer on your favorite guest! Be sure to stick around too, after the battle ends our celebrity guests will be signing cards for players! Featuring: Florkofcows, Ohayocon, Tekko, Dolphin Hat Games, and Wriath Games

Free Galatune Tourney

Sunday 1pm-4pm

Sign up for our beginner-friendly Galatune tournament and compete for awesome prizes! Please arrive at our booth by 12:30pm on Sunday for tourney registration. This will be the first tournament with our new Convergence characters! And, we're also testing a new game format "Heal Scoring". In this format, earn VP by KOing your opponent as usual, OR by healing other players. Great for support types!

Free to enter and we even provide the cards so you don't need your own tournament deck! However, we do encourage players to bring their own play mats -it's a fun way to show off your collectible Galatune mats!

Tourney Prizes

1st Place: $100 cash, exclusive Champions Game Mat, feature on our Galatune Hall of Fame.

Finalists: free badge for Ohayocon 2021!

All Participants: get a free copy of the updated Eron tourney card. 

Tourney Format

Standard Brawl: Each table is a free-for-all battle between 3 or more opponents. First player to 3 VP wins the battle.

Standard Brawl Deck: Tourney decks include: all standard and expansion characters, 1 copy of all promo action cards, 2 copies of all Dawn of Borrowed Light starter deck cards,  1 copy of all Cosmic Deception cards. The following cards are excluded from this tournament deck (ban list):

-004 Lucky Day: instant VP gain
-005 Grand Reaper: instant KO
-007 Jealousy: VP theft

-008 Judgement: field attack
-020 Comet Rain: field attack

-023 Fate Bound*: only 1 copy in deck for balancing

-029 Death's Wager: field scores

-042 Starcalibur*: still  in deck, but will ignore Eron combo

-052 Quantum Vortex: field attack 
-057 Ultimate Darkness: easy infinity attack
-058 Chords of Darkheart: easy field KOs
-066 Tidal Wave: field attack

-073 Viral Nanobot: field attack
-075 Robo-Army Onslaught: field attack

-106 Savage Creed: waaaaaaay too powerful for mortals

-134 Grand Theft: VP theft



Presenting our first event-exclusive promo card, dedicated to our friends at Ohayocon! Winter Cure is a powerful attack with some very unique strategic potential (placeholder text pictured). Strike down your opponent to earn a victory point, but then make your opponent invincible to point-block other players. 


Exclusive Champions Game Mat
Presenting the ultra-exclusive Champions Game Mat! The ONLY way to get one of these bad boys is to earn 1st place in an official Galatune tournament! This prize is your ultimate badge of honor! When you play with one of these, everyone will know that you are among the best of the best! 

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