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Create your own unique battle experience by building a fully-customized Galatune deck! A deck with nothing but Slingshots? Or how about a deck with no Life cards or a deck with tons of Trap cards? Balance your Galatune game your way and create a fun new theme for you and your friends! Choose from any of our standard cards for your unique deck, choose your favorite card for your box art, and even get your own deck name printed on the box!

Custom order decks include matte finish cards and custom box only. Custom orders do not include rule books or game gems. Limited-edition, holographic, and promo cards are not available for custom orders. Custom decks are not recommended for new players, instead, begin with our Starter Deck and check out www.galatune.com/howtoplay. No refunds on custom deck orders.

How does it work?

  1. Place your order. Complete your order here through our Galatune web shop. Note your Order Number for later.
  2. Download Galatune Deck Builder Spreadsheet. Download here. Requires Microsoft Excel.
  3. Design YOUR Deck. Use the Galatune Deck Builder to plan out your custom deck. Be sure to only edit the cells highlighted in yellow. Also be sure to include your Order Number in your Galatune Deck Builder spreadsheet. Choose from any of our standard cards to add to your custom deck, and choose the quantity for each card. Make sure your total cards equal exactly 90 for the 90-Card Deck. Choose your favorite card that will be used to create your box art. Choose your Deck Name that will be printed on your custom deck box. Save your updated spreadsheet.
  4. Send your spreadsheet. Send your completed Galatune Deck Builder Spreadsheet to info@galatune.com as an attachment and be sure to note your full name and order number.
  5. Wait for the magic. From there, we'll custom build your deck and ship it out to you. Since each deck is made-to-order, please time for your game to go through production and shipping.

Love your custom deck and want to order multiple copies? Add extra copies of your deck for $30 each, contact info@galatune.com to learn how.

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