Convergence Champion Collection (Print-On-Demand)

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Requires Starter Deck to play a complete game

Fan Champion Collection

NOTE: Due to a backup of order delays at our manufacturer, please expect long delays before delivery for this product. This is out of our control and we sincerely thank you for your patience.

Need a few more character cards for game night? Then this booster set is the answer! Loaded with extra copies of character cards to help you host large battles or even run your own tournaments.
This deck includes:
  • 5 matte copies of each of the 15 fan-inspired and crossover characters from our Convergence Expansion.
  • 15 NEW Target Assist Special cards in 8 different designs.
NOTE: This booster deck does NOT include action cards, rule book, counters, or other game accessories and isn’t a playable game by itself. Combine with other Galatune games for a complete game. Download the Rule Book for free here.

NEW Target Assist Special cards

Most player use their Champion special attacks by throwing their Champion card onto who they want to attack. Now, you can keep your Champion on the table, and instead play Target Assist Special cards to represent your Champion's actions! Keep these special cards in your hand and slam them down instead of moving your Champion, to help keep your intentions hidden. When you want to play a Champion Special, throw your Target Assist Special card towards your target, and point the arrow to indicate your Special 1 or Special 2 action. This expansion includes 20 copies of the new Target Assist Special cards in 8 different cosmetic designs, so choose the design that goes best with your favorite Champion!

Cards Included:
156 Yorick (x5), 159 Lady Umber (x5), 160 Beiron (x5), 161 Jade (x5), 162 Fish (x5), 163 Obb (x5), 164 Jester (x5), 165 Mufen Maniac (x5), 166 Luzz (x5), 167 Samurai Pinku Pengu (x5), 168 Andreaus Spark (x5), 169 Lindsay Howard (x5), 170 Dave the Dolphin (x5), 171 Tekkobot (x5), 172 Beep & Boop (x5),Target Assist Special BW (x2), Target Assist Special Azure (x1), Target Assist Special Light (x2), Target Assist Special Dark (x2), Target Assist Special War (x2), Target Assist Special Mystic (x2), Target Assist Special Tech (x2), Target Assist Special Nature (x2)

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