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Cosmic Deception Expansion *LIMITED

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Product Details
Brand: Galatune
UPC: 00862966000322


Requires Starter Deck to play a complete game

Only 1500 will ever be made, order before they're gone forever!

The Cosmic Deception Expansion Pack is our first deck booster, including 32 new action cards emphasizing traps, darkness, back-stabbing, and evil underhanded strategies -all yours for just $10! Mix into your Galatune Starter Deck to customize and expand your gameplay options. *EXPANSION ONLY *REQUIRES STARTER DECK TO PLAY *NOT A RANDOM BOOSTER

Card Samples:

Savage Creed
The most powerful action card we will ever create, an almighty rules-breaking card that lets you do absolutely anything -assuming that no one traps it of course. Mix into your deck to set a fun chaotic battle theme.

Evil Plot
Not all Mufen are innocent. This mischievous fellow will hunt through the source deck in order to find trap cards for you. Great way to quickly load up your hand with traps, especially if you can find ways to increase its power through card combos. A great addition to trap-heavy decks.

Kiss of Betrayal
This weak attack ramps up to do massive damage to someone you just healed. Set it up by first luring your opponent into a false sense of security with some friendly heals, then go in for a cold-hearted score. Mix this card into your deck to add a touch of paranoia.

Cards Included:
101 Masquerade, 102 Inhibitor, 103 Overload, 104 Pacify, 106 Savage Creed, 110 Blight, 111 Confiscate, 114 Evil Plot, 115 Divine Annul, 116 Kiss of Betrayal, 124 Shadows of the Past, 125 Magnificent Sacred Phoenix Rebirth, 126 Cloneroot, 127 Temporal Revision, 128 Confound, 129 Borrowed Body, 130 Arms of Ken-daal, 131 Chromashift, 132 Deathwish, 133 Edge of Ages, 134 Grand Theft, 135 Despair, 136 Infinite Power, 137 Manaswap, 138 Mimicry, 139 Mega Boost, 140 Numbness, 141 Omni, 142 Poetic Justice, 143 Treaty, 144 Twist of Fate, 145 Stupid Rock.

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