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Galatune Duality Game Mat *LIMITED

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Expected release: April 2022

We originally created the Sable and Ashtor characters as part of our Galatune Duality 2-player starter deck Kickstarter. Unfortunately that project hasn’t been funded yet, but in the meantime we decided to release these rival characters along with their featured game mat.

Order your Duality game mat, and get your choice of bonus character card: pick Sable or Ashtor.

Character Preview: Ashtor
Character Preview: Sable

And if you think our Duality 2-Player Starter Deck sounds like a good idea, please email and let us know! If we get enough people interested, we may try funding that project again in the future.

This special game mat features art referencing our Galatune Duality project. Each mat is designed to support one player and features special HP, VP, and COLOR WHEEL icons make keeping track of your stats changes a breeze.

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