Savage Moon Theme Deck (Print-On-Demand)

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NOTE: Due to a backup of order delays at our manufacturer, please expect long delays before delivery for this product. This is out of our control and we sincerely thank you for your patience.

Seriously, this deck doesn’t hold back! This deck includes 90 of our most outrageous, most game-breaking, most friendship-ending cards, gathered together for your sick pleasure. I mean, first of all, it has not one but THREE COPIES OF SAVAGE CREED, the card that literally lets you create and destroy your own game rules! So prepare for rapid KOs and pure chaos! Recommended for 2-5 players, first to 5 VP.
NOTE: This theme deck does NOT include rule book, counters, character cards, or other game accessories. Requires Starter Deck or additional character cards to play a complete game.


  • NO CHARACTER CARDS INCLUDED, pair with any Galatune characters from the Starter Deck, or character expansions.
  • 89 standard action cards, selected from Dawn of Borrowed Light Starter Deck and Cosmic Deception Expansion, balanced as a standalone themed deck. -Including x3 copies of Savage Creed and x5 copies of Grand Reaper!
  • 1 promo action card "Fated Junction"

Cards Included:
003 Peace (x4), 004 Lucky Day (x4), 005 Grand Reaper (x5), 007 Jealousy (x5), 008 Judgement (x2), 009 Drainblossom (x2), 010 Edge of Infinity (x2), 011 Mindroot (x2), 016 Theft (x2), Eternal Void (x4), Comet Rain (x1), 029 Death's Wager (x1), 032 Light Arrow (x4), 047 Enshroud (x3), 049 Bloodfeast (x1), 050 Love (x8), 051 Minor Spacetime Distortion (x1), 052 Quantum Vortex (x1), 057 Ultimate Darkness (x2), 064 Mending Hearts (x6), 066 Tidal Wave (x1), 075 Robo-Army Onslaught (x1), 084 Heroblade (x1), 106 Savage Creed (x3), 148 Divine Annul (x2), 125 Magnificent Sacred Phoenix Rebirth (x2), 126 Cloneroot (x1), 127 Temporal Revision (x4), 131 Chromashift (x2), 133 Edge of Ages (x4), 134 Grand Theft (x4), 136 Infinite Power (x3), 139 Mega Boost (x1),

NOTE: This theme deck does NOT include Rule Book, gem counter, or other accessories. Download the Rule Book for free here.

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