Stupid Theme Deck 4player (Made-To-Order)

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2-4 Players

20+ minute gameplay

ages 14+

NOTE: Due to a backup of order delays at our manufacturer, please expect long delays before delivery for this product. This is out of our control and we sincerely thank you for your patience.

This deck can be used for standalone theme battles for up to 4 players, or combined with other Galatune card sets for more game customization options.

Do your combo skills ROCK? Celebrate our infamous fan-favorite card, Stupid Rock. Hilariously useless at first glance, but insanely powerful in the right hands. This deck is loaded with cards that swing wildly from worthless to OP, depending on your timing and strategy.
This 90 card deck includes: 4 matte character cards and a themed selection of action cards from the Dawn of Borrowed Light Starter Deck and the Cosmic Deception Expansion.


Cards Included:
001 Blade of Grass (x4), 003 Peace (x2), 006 Unchained (x3), 009 Drainblossom, 010 Edge of Infinity, 011 Mindroot (x2), 012 Rival Ray, 013 Cosmic Force (x2), 016 Theft, 017 Eternal Void, 018 Disarm (x2), 022 Download (x2), 024 Dragonthunder, 025 Disintegration Cannon, 028 Harvest (x2), 031 Yummy Mufen, 034 Draketooth, 036 Reconfigure, 037 Solace (x2), 038 Recycle (x2), 040 Cursed Armor, 043 Slingshot (x10), 048 Darkstar (x2), 050 Love, 051 Minor Spacetime Distortion (x2), 053 Antimatter Shield (x2), 056 Cursed Sword, 060 Mal Profusion, 061 Angelwing, 063 Last Hope, 068 Eco Ray, 070 Leaf Shield (x2), 072 Photosynthesis (x3), 084 Heroblade, 085 Halofire, 104 Pacify (x3), 146 Blight, 131 Chromashift, 136 Infinite Power (x2), 139 Mega Boost, 141 Omni, 142, Poetic Justice (x2), 143 Treaty, 144 Twist of Fate, 145 Stupid Rock (x10).

089 Eron Roarsonbeard, 090 Princess Violeta Crown, 091 Notre Fate Yago Gwendi, 092 Imoogi

NOTE: This theme deck does NOT include Rule Book, gem counter, or other accessories. Download the Rule Book for free here.

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