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SOLD OUT! This limited-edition product is gone. We just keep it listed so that our early supporters can brag that they're one of the few people who were able to get one.


Only 100 will ever be made, order before they're gone forever!

-Limited Edition Game Mat
-Early Release Holographic Umber Card

Battle in style with this awesome 11x17" Galatune game mat. This limited-edition design features an epic battle scene from the backstory of our upcoming Lady Umber fan character. High-quality print, exceptional color and detail. Soft smooth fabric helps protect cards while textured rubber backing gives reliable non-skid traction. Special HP, VP, and Typing icons make keeping track of your stats changes a breeze. Each mat is designed to support 1 player. Grab one while you can, we're only making 100 in this style.

After winning our Galatune Fanfic Contest, one fan's fanfaction was used to help inspire this new official Galatune Character! The new Lady Umber card will be part of our next fan expansion, but you can get a free early-release copy of her card now included with this limited-edition game mat!

Lady Umber's playstyle is built around resource management and aggressive power. Store up action cards to power your Omni-Smasher for a string of knockouts -or convert your prize cards into HP to round out your defenses instead! Keep your opponents guessing as you optimize your resources for either offensive or defense.

Character Art by Yamerpro.
Game Mat Art by Pocketbee.

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